Strategies of Observation Oct 1, 2023
Strategies of Observation Oct 1, 2023 A Fluid History Of America Oct 1, 2023 America began in the Northeast. Here the wellspring of the dream of America cracked open the granite, drowning the dreams of the Iroquois and Is this thing on Sing out should you see this sign. Feb 22, 2022 Is this thing on? Sing out should you see this sign Dada Data Jun 25, 2020 #fragment Had a brief daydream today about what could happen if the marketing and demographic data being hoarded by online companies and silos was leaked and Francis Bacon and William Burroughs Jun 25, 2020 francis bacon and william burroughs Pseudokallax Jun 23, 2020 pseudokallax I liked places Jun 10, 2020 img From a conversation 2020-06-07 Test Image Jan 16, 2020 test image The Industry Jan 16, 2020 Sometimes writing is working for weeks on a revision request on a story, to get so emotionally invested in is this good enough now that you spend De(con)struction Nov 18, 2019 de(con)struction Fog and light and darkness Nov 18, 2019 fog and light and darkness William Kentridge Nov 13, 2019 img Fragments from The Refusal of Time. Found on the internet, source of original photograph unfortunately [redacted] Reality©, LLC Nov 12, 2019 fragment The language around Virtual/Augmented Reality fascinates me. It’s right there in the name: we are talking about Reality, the basis of everything. Absolutely Elsewhere Nov 5, 2019 absolutely elsewhere A brief RSS primer Oct 20, 2019 (This is a fragment that I may or may not put into a newsletter. I pulled it out in order to have it linkable elsewhere, because some of this is Portal - By Katie McClung Oct 20, 2019 img Seen at the Oakland Autumn Lights Festival. Photo by myself Alexei Leonov Oct 20, 2019 From Remembering Alexei Leonov (1934-2019) Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey included recordings of Leonov’s breathing in space, a Squamous Oct 20, 2019 We went to see a play based on the works of Lovecraft, which got me to thinking about Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror as a means of understanding climate Air gap Oct 15, 2019 process There’s a strange gap between having written the thing and having published the thing (for whatever value of “publish” is applicable). I’m writing a Secret RSS Illuminati Oct 15, 2019 fragment “Oh, he’s on RSS,” I say, as though the people all using a Protocol automatically know each other. What was the Dunbar number of Usenet group members
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